Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Obama The 44th Blog No. 1, Vol. III: "Where Do You Go For Inspiration?"

Obama The 44th Blog No. 1, Vol. III: "Where Do You Go For Inspiration?"

In 2007 and 2008, you accepted my daily or weekly musings from the campaign trail. Thank you for listening and more importantly, acting on recommendations or analysis of the happenings. I have opened a new volume for a new era of engagement.

Since the election, we have watched President Obama and his Administration work diligently on a myriad of issues, policies, and/or crisis (economic stabilization, healthcare reform, financial reform, equal pay, etc.) for the greater good of American and friends around the world. Though we may disagree, at times, I am unwavering in recognizing his commitment to working towards many of the things shared on the campaign trail. There is far more work that needs to be done. No way near the finish line. This where the continued work comes in.

Where do you/we go for inspiration? In 2007 and 2008, very few believed in CHANGE. Until, we looked to each other. This week, courtesy of artist and colleague Rodney Jackson (, I received my framed collection of memorabilia from my/our journey in 2007 and 2008. It was a stark and tearful reminder (see attached samples).

We should never forget the number of house parties, phone banks, neighborhood walks, dollar campaign fundraisers, and GOTV efforts. We were the CHANGE that was recruited. Honestly, if there was a job approval poll rating on our efforts in recent months, I would say that we would receive an abysmal grade.

It is not only about the Obama administration, it is also about having his back with a political infrastructure to support the agenda we desire. It is also about being deliberate in communicating an agenda that is also good for the interests of your community, an entire nation and world that we live in.

This CHANGE is not solely on Obama's shoulders it is also squarely in the hands of our responsibility. We have to return to the basics at this time in our history. We cannot run away. Please know that there are forces that wish to downplay or even erase the pre-November 8th, 2008 experience and energy from your memory.

For any movement to be truly successful, it must have passionate persons who are committed to the greater purpose bigger than our own self interest.

On August 18, President Obama comes to town to lend support to the next Governor of Florida, CFO Alex Sink (see attached invitation).

It is time to be called back to the battlefield (back to the house meetings, policy focus groups, mini-fundraisers, letters to editors, etc... with deliberate purpose). Pull out your old pin, t-shirt, Inauguration ticket, signed photo or just look into the mirror for some inspiration.


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