Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Michelle Grabs Our Hearts and Lights the Torch

Michelle Obama Sets the Tone
On the first night of the #DNC2012 National Convention, it drizzled outside in the Queen City of Charlotte, but dazzled inside the kinetic energy of the Time Warner Cable Arena as the Democratic faithful welcomed First Lady Michelle.  Delegates, special guests and media were treated to a delightfully authentic and impassioned speech from the First Lady.  She reminded us of our shared experience, family priorities and values. Mayor Julian Castro brought us back to basics of the fundamentals of the American promise.
  As we all watched at home, the Democratic Convention aimed to reach into the depths of the emotions of disillusioned and weary voters to stand up and fight for President Obama. We've come too far to turn back now - this video captures it -  For the second day, we have our roll call to submit our delegate votes to officially nominate President Obama for re-election.  Tune in live at and

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